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The history of Lampiesbaai – Part 1

Architect Chris de Hart based the design of this Lampiesbaai high-density village on the design guidelines he originally wrote for the Jacobsbaai Coastal Village or “Kontreidorp.” After extensive research into the remaining “Sandveld’ style architecture of the West Coast, he pioneered the re-
establishment of this unique style which is suits this region.

The style consists if a pitched-roof, rectangular core building and flat roofed abutments in white walls, small windows and door openings are suitable to this hot dry area. The simplicity of the architecture has a romantic charm to it, which originally included the large fireplace abutments to the buildings and resultant internal large open fireplace referred to as an “Es” which is conducive to a family gathering and living in farm-style kitchen spaces.

As Lampiesbaai has developed, originally consisting of the three Crescents, Markus, Jutten and Seal, where the original design of the high-density village was followed to the letter. With the development of the other larger “erfs,” the essence of this style has been maintained, although there has been some slight adaptation, with the retention of the overall original design and feel.

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