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Important information for Lampiesbaai Homeowners

The pages listed below are exclusively for homeowners of Lampiesbaai and you need to register to this website using the form alongside and have your registration approved before you are able to access these pages.

If you are a homeowner, please login alongside, else click register to register with your full name, ERF number and email address.

When registering for the first time, the estate coordinator will approve your registration within 48 hours. Once your website registration is confirmed, you only need to login using your email address and password and you will have access to all the homeowner resources below.

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Homeowner Rules and Regulations

Find out more about the responisbilities of homeowners and the general rules of the estate.

Exco Members & Meetings

Here you'll find exco members listed with contact details as well as minutes from all meetings held by the exco.

Building/Home Insurance

Read about building/home insurance options for all properties within the estate.

Lampiesbaai Security

Security is of utmost importance and something that is constantly revisited by the exco to ensure a safe living environment for all residents. Find the latest updates here.

Building Plans & Forms

Whether you're building a new home from scratch or making alterations to an existing home, you need to stay within the guidelines. Find out more here.

Internal Newsletter and Blog

We have recently re-launched the internal Lampiesbaai newsletter for all homeowners to stay informed and up-to-date

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