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As humans, we obviously leave an awkard footprint on nature, one that displaces animals, insects and many other creatures and plants. This is all part of human nature and expansion and therefore all we can do is to do out best in minimizing the negative impact that we have on our immediate environment. 

The information below relates to the very important fauna and flora. Our aim is to educate our residents and visitors on what to plant, what not to plant and how to treat the local wildlife. 


There’s a lot to see in and around Lampiesbaai in terms of the local wildlife in the area. Little bokkies, meerkats, mongoose, tortoises, endless species of birds and the odd snake and scorpion as well – just to keep us on our toes. 

The golden rule is: 

Do not interfere with the local wildlife whatsoever. It’s perfectly acceptable to admire them from a distance, but do not approach the animals, do not allow your dogs or pets to scare them off and most importantly – do not touch them or try and take them home with you under any circumstance. 

If you see a snake that is dangerously close to the houses, then perhaps try and call the local snake catcher (find number under visitor resources -> Important contact numbers) or otherwise if you see an animal that is in distress/injured somehow – then you can also try inform the EXCO and they will take necessary action if possible. 

Other than that, just respect the local wildlife by keeping your distance and travelling under the speed limits when on the roads (to avoid running them over). 

Thanks for your cooperation in this regard!

Find out more about handling tortoises in the area by clicking the button below:


The moment you drive in the entrance to Lampiesbaai, you will no doubt immediately notice the beautiful gardens along Lampies Drive as well as the creative and stunning gardens in most houses’ plots. This in addition of course the natural fauna and flora in the area which mostly resembles savannah type fynbos and succulents. 

It is especially important to note that not all of the beautiful plants that you see in the area are local nor are they good for the local ecosystem. There is a lot of alien vegetation that consumes a lot of the resources required by the local fauna and this is extremely damaging to the local plants. 

Please take a moment to view the below PDF to see what’s local, what’s invasive and what is absolutely not prohibited in the area. 

Together we can keep the local fauna and flora looking as fantastic as it currently does! 

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