The Inevitable Red Tape

Lampiesbaai Rules & Regulations

Whether visiting or as a resident

Take a Look at the General Rules and Regulations for Lampiesbaai

As with any estate, there are some basic rules that both residents and visitors to the estate need to follow. This is simply to ensure that everyone lives together as harmoniously as possible and that any wrongdoing is addresses adequately and offenders are held accountable.

Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with the basic rules of the estate below and be sure to inform the EXCO (via the contact page of this site) of any offences that you feel are against the following rules:

  1. Any person wishing to enter Lampiesbaai Estate (the Estate) and/or make use of the private open spaces or communal facilities in the Estate, does so at their own risk.
  2. A speed limit of 40km/h shall apply on all roads in the Estate.
  3. Vehicles may not be parked or left unattended in such a manner that they may cause an obstruction to other road users or impede the flow of traffic.
  4. Quadbikes may not be operated in the Estate without the written permission of EXCO.
  5. Trapping, shooting, harassing or in any way harming of birds and animals in the Estate are prohibited.
  6. Fishing, swimming or the performing of any other activity in the dams or water features in the Estate is prohibited.
  7. Pets are not allowed to enter the dams or water features.
  8. Trees, shrubs, or plants may not be removed.
  9. Municipal bins may be placed on the sidewalk only in the morning of the day for which refuse collection is scheduled (Currently Thursdays). If refuse is not collected on the scheduled day, the occupier must remove the bin to a place where they cannot be reached by foraging pets.
  10. An owner, tenant or occupier may not keep more cats or dogs allowed by municipal bylaws on the property without the written permission of EXCO. Breeding with pets is not allowed on the Estate.
  11. Pets may not roam the streets or communal facilities and must be tended and kept on a leash at all times, when in streets or in or on communal facilities.
  12. An owner, tenant or occupier must ensure that [her or] his pet does not create a nuisance or cause a disturbance.
  13. An owner, tenant or occupier must regularly remove any excrement deposited by her or his pet inside the erf. Any excrement deposited by her or his pet outside the erf in the street or adjacent erven must be removed immediately.
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